What are the eligible enterprises?

Project holders or newly created enterprises, whose application has been validated by a structure labeled by CCG and wishing to demonstrate the potential and feasibility of their projects based on an innovative idea (new product, new process, operations of acquired patents and not initially marketed, adaptation of innovative technology to the Moroccan market ...).

What are the eligible expenses?

The program finances, by a loan on trust, various expenses related to the innovative project including:

  • Prototyping and testing;
  • Rental / providing technical facilities, laboratories, servers...
  • Survey and market studies
  • Development of strategy and business model / business plan ...
How does the financing of project work?

Financing is provided in the form of a loan on trust (a loan without interests and without sureties) capped at:

  • MAD 250.000 per entrepreneur;
  • MAD 500.000 if the project is presented by two or several candidates.

Financing is conditional upon the conclusion of a support agreement between the eligible target and the labeled structure.


What are the conditions for repayment?
  • Deferral period of 2 years starting from the date of creation and project operating;
  • Repayment over 5 years.
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