What are the eligible enterprises?

Small and Medium enterprises under the Moroccan law, that are in the growth phase and have successfully raised funds from investors (equity funds, business angels....) but still need funds to finance investment and/or operating needs.

What are the eligible expenses?

The program finances, by equity loan, the various material and/or non-material expenses related to the innovative project including:

  • Installation of manufacturing equipments;
  • Marketing and commercialization;
  • Prospecting new markets, particularly for export;
  • Development of new product variants;
  • Working capital needs…
How are the projects financed?

Financing is provided in the form of an equity loan according to the following requirements:

Loan Amount: MAD 3.000.000 maximum without exceeding 50% of contributions from external investors (venture capital funds, business angels…)   Repayment: over a maximum of 8 years with a deferral of 2 years.

Interest rate: 2% per year pre- tax.

What is the overall commitment ceiling?

MAD 4.000.000 on the same enterprise, all transactions included according to component 2 (loans and advances) of "INNOV INVEST FUND".

What is the response time of CCG?

This product will be implemented soon.

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