CCG launches a new video dedicated to Innov Invest Fund mechanisms

Date : 27 Aug 2018

As part of its digital communication activities towards the public, and more particularly project holders and young entrepreneurs, CCG has launched a new video that aims at popularizing the financing mechanisms of the "Innov Invest Fund".

With a short and dynamic format, this video animated in Darija allows everyone to get acquainted with CCG's various offers and financing solutions for startups and innovation, covering the three main axes of the Innov Invest Fund, notably pre-seed, seed and venture capital.

This is CCG's second video in motion design, after the one intended to popularize products in favor of VSMEs, as part of the institution's new communication strategy aimed at enriching the digital content. through the production of thematic videos that are both didactic and instructional.

The video is available on CCG's YouTube channel on the following link:

For further information on the Innov Invest Fund financing solutions, visit our dedicated innovation website: